Wat willste ?





                  D i e   n e u s t e n   N a c h r i c h t e n   a u s   d e m   S e x S h o p   :   Y e a h   -   S e x s h o p   h a t   w i e d e r   e i n e n   D r u m m e r :   w e l c o m e   C h r i s t o p h .

Was sonst so abgeht bei uns im Ü-Raum-seht selbst

    Toxxi playin´                     Mike "Stonedfield"       This is not a flute..         

 Dirk aka Drumatix                            Roland electronic drumset                               Toxxi                         Shy Boy           


 The stoned Eye of the Camera...      Spörm......          Toxxi...           Ditzel...             Drums...                            ... to be continued.

        Ray waitin for input..               Mike ( reversed engeneered)                  Full House                         Who´s that: Dirk the drummer         Ray playin the keys


     Tuning alla Toxxi                        The new Drummer                      Please no more mushrooms               Mr. Mike Jazz                         Dirk aka "Drumatix"


  Schon wieder full-house               Spörm ohne Gurkenmaske                     Happy Dirk                           Bruder Tuck plays Jazz           Andreas (Helge) und Highdi


  Stoned camera Part IV                   Noch ist er leise...                    S  pörms Torndahl Telecaster          Achtung (Tret-)Minenfeld               Stoned camera Part V



  Stoned camera Part VI                   Brandnew mixing console                       Rackview                               Magic Carpet Studio                 Toxxi meets Dirk



        Drumatix Logo                             serious Dirk                                 Wat willste? - Äh kloar !          electronical drums are fun                    Dirk is playing around

        Dirks uncle                                    Ray play keys..


Bilder Vereinsheim

Bilder der Begrüßungssession von Christoh und Toby.

Bilder der Recordings mit Django aus dem Highline Studio

Neue Bilder aus dem Sexshop mit einem Jerk-Spezial